Our Vision, Mission and Goals


The Northwest Simulation Alliance, a 501(c)(3) organization, envisions an efficient statewide network of simulation technology resources, information and training systems.


To ensure quality patient care for all Oregonians through the use of simulation technology and practice to help healthcare workers to be more confident, competent and compassionate in providing patient care.


To increase the capacity of healthcare systems and academic organizations throughout Oregon, Washington & Alaska to use simulation for multi-agency and inter-professional education & training, in order to  teach, improve, & maintain the skills and performance of  the healthcare workforce.

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  • Created a highly collaborative alliance composed of statewide coalitions of healthcare institutions and educational programs and individual organizations and institutions.

  • Conducted site meetings in 17 communities around the State to organize and create local conditions of multi-sector, multi-disciplinary organizations and to assess local simulation readiness.

  • Raised $1.57 million to launch the statewide simulation network, purchase high-fidelity simulation equipment for coalitions around the State, and to further the user of simulators in Oregon healthcare industry.

  • Awarded 15 grants to local coalitions in Oregon for the purchase of healthcare simulation equipment.

  • Established statewide pricing agreements with the three simulation equipment vendors.

  • Formed a governing council to provide strategic direction for the Oregon Simulation Alliance and to carry out its goals.

  • Purchased an unrestricted license for a Simulation Foundations curriculum and trained trainers

  • Purchased an unrestricted license for a Simulation Specialist-Apprenticeship course and trained trainers

  • Purchased an unrestricted license for a Simulation Technician course which was supplemented to reflect additional user needs.

  • Hosted the Center for Medical Education Debriefing Education course

  • Provided free training to 157 Oregon health care professionals.

  • Provided cost-shared tuition/travel reimbursement to 45 individuals for simulation related training.

  • Developed a pre-hospital and an emergency room bioterrorism scenario for the Oregon Department of Human Services to utilize for first-responder training statewide.

  • Offered two Simulation Summit education and networking conferences attracting over 200 participants.

  • Developed a business plan.

  • Established a web site

  • Developed a variety of survey instruments

  • Developed a Subscription for Services program which will be implemented July 1, 2008.